Patio Door Replacement

 When considering the replacement of your existing patio doors, consumers and contractors have many different products to choose from.  We offer patio doors with wood exteriors, aluminum clad exteriors, vinyl exteriors and even fiberglass.  We can also offer options for the interior in wood, vinyl, or fiberglass.


I often ask my clients, “What do you want to look at from the inside of your home, and what do you want to spend to look at it?”, as prices vary from product to product.  All of the doors we sell will give you a virtually maintenance free exterior, or even a paintable exterior, allowing you the flexibility to change colors at some point in time.  It is the interior look that often times is the determining factor.  We offer doors that are wood on the interior and stainable to match the rest of the woodwork in the home.  We have vinyl doors with pre-finished simulated woodgrain interiors, or we have fiberglass doors with a stainable wood veneered interior.  Many people choose to use a solid white or beige interior, available on all the doors.


Other things to look at when replacing patio doors is the style of door you would like, be it sliding, in-swinging, or out-swinging.  Some doors have wide styles (sides) and rails (top and bottom) and other doors are more contemporary with narrower styles and rails.


One of the best improvements to patio doors in recent years was the invention of the top hung screen.  These screens are hung from the top of the door and do not roll in a track on the bottom.  They will never get stuck and always glide very easily from side to side. 

Look at the energy ratings for any door you consider.  The whole unit “U” factor is what you should use for comparison.  The lower the number, the better. 


Many manufacturers, like Marvin, Pella, or Richlin will offer a variety of sizes and configurations.  Custom sizes are also available, maybe you want to replace that “Wisconsin door”.