Wood windows versus Vinyl windows Which is better?

25 years ago you couldn't ask this question. Wood windows were in total control of the new construction and the replacement window market, especially here in Wisconsin. There are other products types available mostly made for warmer climates.


Today, the vinyl window market is equal to or even starting to surpass the wood window market. You never used to see vinyl windows in new construction projects. The only time we sold vinyl windows was when we were installing them as inserts into the existing window frames. Today, vinyl windows are installed in many new construction projects and often called for when remodeling and or replacing is the goal.

Watch Out For Cheap Replacement Windows

Which is better - Wood or Vinyl Window ReplacementsThere are several things to look at when considering which product to use in your remodeling project or for your new home. As with any product there is a quality scale to consider, the lower the quality, usually the lower the price. This applies to both of the windows we are discussing. Cheap, cheap vinyl, windows, cheap, cheap wood windows normally result in poor performance and poor longevity. They will need to be replaced sooner rather than later at a much greater cost the second time.


Vinyl windows will be able to offer the homeowner a virtually maintenance free exterior, good lifetime warranties, highly efficient glass, quick turnaround from order to delivery, as well as a lesser price than wood windows. Foam filled frames, night latches, simulated wood-grained interiors, and no storm windows are some of the options you will have to choose.


There are some limitations with the vinyl products as well, typically they come in 2 exterior colors, usually white or beige. There are some limits to the overall size and configurations, and there may be appearance issues. Homeowners sometimes feel the PVC vinyl product is cheap or plastic looking. Some of this is just personal preference but there is an appearance difference.

Still Considering Wood Window Replacements?

When considering a good wood window you will want to look at windows with an aluminum or fiberglass clad exterior. These exteriors will get you the "Maintenance Free" aspect and give you a wide variety of colors to choose from. Be careful with the "Maintenance Free" part of any product. Everything needs to be looked at and cleaned periodically. Wood windows should be able to give homeowners the somewhat traditional look of a wood window and a stainable/paintable wood interior with endless color options. Strong, sturdy, and durable will be what you get with these products. The maintenance free exterior, high-performance glass, and a stained wood interior will make a beautiful, long-lasting impression.


In summary, when choosing one type of window over the other, consider the look, efficiency, cost, and warranty. Each product has its place in today's market. Installed properly, each should give you a lifetime of service and efficiency.