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Everybody talks about what window we should use, should it be wood, vinyl fiberglass, what about the glass.  All good questions and all things that need to be considered when choosing a new window, but what about the people that will be selling you these windows, what about the ones installing them.


Our firm has 28 years in the home improvement business and I would like to think I have seen it all but that is not the truth.  Every house is a little different as well as every homeowner.  People come to us with their list of needs, wants and their budgets.  At Preferred we answer questions, provide options, and realistically price all of the products we sell and install.


I encourage people to get 2 maybe 3 quotes on any project they are considering unless they have a good relationship/comfort level with a reputable contractor.  Contractor trust needs to be earned and comes about in several different ways.  Quality products, proper installation, and prompt reliable service are all things contractors must be committed to.   Pricing gimmicks and high pressure are not parts of our sales process.


We strive to present ourselves, our company and the products we sell in a polite, professional manner.  Being courteous and understanding is paramount.  We, as contractors, need to understand that many of our clients don't have a thorough understanding of the products we are presenting and we need to educate them properly in an easy to understand format.  Some sales people prefer to use the three hour "Dog and Pony" show with high pressure sales antics to get people to buy immediately.  We prefer to present options, inform and reasonably price everything. We will prepare you a detailed written quote and present it in a no pressure, professional manner.  Sometimes these decisions just can't be made on the spot at that minute.


We invite clients to our showroom to browse and kick the tires so to speak.  I urge people to check out their contractors.  Look them up in the appropriate professional associations and organizations, such as NARI and the BBB. 


Check out a couple of references and by all means make sure the contractors you are dealing with have liability and workman's comprehensive insurance and all of the needed state and federal licensees.  Reputable contractors should have no problems with any of these requests.



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