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Replacement Patio Doors

Preferred Window & Door Offers Options for Contemporary, Energy Efficient Replacement Patio Doors for North Cape Residence

Marvin Doors offers and excellent selection of replacement Patio Doors.When contemplating replacing your North Cape house’s patio door, you have a lot of alternatives. 


Patio doors are made by many manufacturers in a assortment of sizes and out a several different materials.  Doors made out of wood, aluminum, vinyl, wood /clad, fiberglass, or composite materials are all on the market today.  Sliding patio doors are available in a standard contemporary style or even with a Sliding French door look.  More frame material on the sides and the bottom give these door the same look as the traditional swinging hinged French door that a lot of North Cape people have.

Replacement Patio Door Construction

One of the most usual replacements we make are the older new construction sliding aluminum doors.  Extremely cold and almost impossible to slide are some of the inherent problems with older patio doors.  Most of the aluminum doors are made to standard sizes and most of today’s door companies make specific doors sized to fit in the aluminum door openings. A full replacement install is always what we recommend. Rough opening sizes have to be checked because they fluctuate greatly in many existing wood and vinyl door openings.  In the North Cape area we have what is called the “Wisconsin Door” size.  These doors are about 6” wider than most any other traditional door size.  This can cause a real problem for the unseasoned door installer when your new door is 6” wider than the door you just tore out of the opening.


It is surprising to me how much warmer you can make the area in front of the patio door once it has been replaced.  Sticky sliding, air blowing in all around the sliding panel, and cloudy inefficient glass are problems that a new door can solve.  New bottom rollers, state of the art pliable weather-stripping, and high-performance glass are what you need.  Add in a maintenance free exterior, multiple exterior colors, and wood or pre-finished vinyl and fiberglass insides, and you have what is available for the savvy North Cape homeowner.  Choose which product fits your color scheme and your budget.  Having all of these doors on display in our showroom makes it easy and show you the differences.

Better Patio Door Locking Mechanisms

Marvin Doors offers and excellent selection of replacement Patio Doors.The old days of being able to unlock your existing patio door with a credit card slid in next to the lock are over.  Today we can offer new 2, 3 or even 4 point locking mechanism.  Locks that extend the entire height of the door ensure a very strong and secure opening.  All doors include tempered glass for safety and security.  We can also install new separate foot bolts at the bottom of the doors to allow them to be partially opened and locked.

No More Sticky or Hard Sliding Patio Doors

One of the best new improvements in the sliding patio door industry is the development of the “Top Hung Sliding Screen”.  One of the biggest issues with sliding doors has to do with screens that don’t slide anymore or get stuck in the track.  The new top hung screens are wheel less at the bottom and glide easily from one side to the other.  Add new high visibility screening material to that new door and now you are all set to enjoy the view without worrying about the flies taking over your North Cape house. 


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Choices for Patio Door Replacement for your home near North Cape, WI